The Only Father’s Day Shopping Guide You Need

A realistic guide to shopping for all the men in your life this Father’s Day.

by Jasmin Palomo, SCME, June 1, 2021 


Going into the second Father’s Day during a pandemic is no walk in the park. Families have been apart, the prices of things like gas, bacon, and chicken are soaring, and concerns over the lasting side effects of COVID-19 serve as a reminder that we humans are not in the clear yet. Regardless of the doom and gloom around us, we can be resourceful. With so many lemons, might as well make lemonade. As Father’s Day approaches, we have rounded up some thoughtful gift ideas that can make life easier for all the different types of dads in your life. 

Significant Other’s Dad
Are you in the dating stage right now with your significant other? Want to impress their dad, you know your “almost father-in-law”? This is the man who has worked hard and lived many years, raised your partner, and the person you still can’t bring yourself to call “dad” even though he insists. Thank him for making your better half possible. After so many active years, help him unwind and take care of his body with a Trigger Point massager. You know you’ve heard him mention some ache or pain that could use tending to without having to get a masseuse involved. This type of gift is great because the price point is reasonable, it shows you pay attention to what he says, and you are keeping him safe by giving him something he can use in the safety of his own home. 

Price: $10.00-$89.00

Triggerpoint Nano Foot Roll LTE $14.99
Triggerpoint Contour STK $24.99
Triggerpoint Charge Vibe $89.99

Your Dad
This is probably the person that first comes to mind when you think about Father’s Day. He made you laugh, taught you about life, and cheered you on as you set down your path. Now he might be less mobile or feel pain with certain movements. It might be a good time to consider a mobility scooter – give him a gift that will give him freedom, independence, and comfort. You can turn the tables and cheer him on as you watch him zoom through his path.

Price: $750.00-$1800.00

Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter $1,900.00
Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter $1,900.00
Buzzaround EX 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter $1,900.00

If you’ve been in a romantic relationship for some time chances are you have a second dad in your life. You may see him just as much if not more than your father. So as not to out-do dad’s gift but still express just how much this man means to you, consider getting him the Drive Nitro. This is an easily collapse rollator with a lightweight aluminum frame, and a caster fork design for enhanced turning. Have dad #2 up and about on Father’s Day. He’ll thank you for it.

Price: $300.00

Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator $300.00
Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator $300.00
Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator $300.00

Dad Friend with Kids
Being a dad is physically taxing. For all those friends or family in the beginning stages of fatherhood, help them get through the day and recover those achy muscles, backaches, sore joints, and arthritis. Get them a bottle or two of Biofreeze. The price is reasonable if you need to buy multiple gifts, the cooling menthol blend works, and it’s a gift the dad in your life probably doesn’t have but needs.

Price: $15.00

Biofreeze Pain Relief Spray $14.99
Biofreeze Pain Relieving Cream $14.99
Biofreeze Pain Relief Roll-On $14.99

Expecting Dad to Be
For all the dads to be, start teaching them the ropes. Long late nights up feeding and swaying their new little bundle of joy will leave their legs fatigued. Help them improve their circulation and provide support for the limbs they will be using so much with a pair of stylish CEP Compression Socks. They can be as discreet or flashy as the dad you’re gifting them to. Once they feel the world of difference in their legs they will be a convert for life.

Price: $49.99

CEP Men’s Recovery Compression Socks $49.99
CEP Men’s Recovery Compression Socks $49.99
CEP Men’s Recovery Compression Socks $49.99

What do you give the man that has almost everything? Comfort and appreciation. This man likes to sit down, relax and watch some TV. Give him a way to experience that on the next level, feet kicked up, massager rolling, and his favorite drink in hand. A lift chair recliner is not your run-of-the-mill chair. These chairs are remote-controlled, lift and tilt you up out of the chair, allow you to lay down fully extended, and some even come with additional settings like seat heaters and massagers built right in! Think of all the comfy cute pictures of grandpa you’ll take as you watch him doze off into bliss every day.

Price: $800.00 – $2,200.00

LC-525iL Infinity Lift Chair $1,999.99
Elegance PLR-975L Lift Chair Power Recliner in Badlands Steel $1,400.00
Triggerpoint Nano Foot Roll LTE $1,999.99

Last but not least, to help you with your Father’s Day shopping, we are sharing a coupon with readers of the blog. Take 15% off any single item in the store. Mention this coupon at checkout. Have a wonderful Father’s Day and as always, let us help you spend more of your time doing what you love.

About the author | Jasmin A. Palomo, our Marketing Coordinator, and your Medical Supply Concierge. Find more of her insights on our Facebook and Instagram.